Cover for MAD magazine!






















This is super exciting for me personally, as I have been dreaming of painting a cover for MAD since I was 10 years old. I had such a blast working on this piece.

When drawing and painting Alfred, Out of respect for the amazing artists who have drawn or painted Alfred before me, I felt a responsibility to get it right. 
Shout out to Normal Ringo, Kelly Freas, Jack Davis, Mort Drucker, Richard Williams, Tom Richmond, James Bennett, C.F. Payne, Roberto Parada, Mark Fredrickson, and more recently  Chris Wahl, Jason Edmiston .
The most interesting challenge with this one was that as far as I know, Alfred hasn’t ever been depicted with his mouth open like this.  So it was a bit of a challenge keeping the likeness while pushing his face in a way that wasn’t done before.  I am so honored that I was asked to do this cover, one more childhood dream accomplished!
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