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printsPrints available! If interested please contact me. Look through my portfolio to choose any drawing or painting that you like! It’s that easy!

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King of Fearmongers!

WStandard.v18-29.Apr15.Cover This was a one day turnaround. I was asked to make this guy look creepy and so I did, and had a fun time doing it too. Because I only had one day to paint it I decided to keep things really loose and painterly which is how I prefer it anyways. You can see from the image below that I started off with a green base and built my colors from there.april2013_WScoverScreen+shot+2013-04-03+at+3.54.57+PM

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Wagner for Der Spiegel!

4.0.1My latest cover painted for Der Spiegel! This cover was a dream job come true for me. I’ve been wanting to paint a cover for Der Spiegel for years now, and finally I’ve done it! Feels good! I was also pleased that they didn’t want caricature for this cover, it obviously wouldn’t have been appropriate for the article or the man. I’ve never painted a dragon before and I loved it! They had a very specific dragon in mind and for a while I took it in a very different direction. I soon found out they didn’t want a “wicked” looking dragon, or at least, not as wicked as I was making it. Hahah! Wagner was a challenge too but mostly because all the references of him are so old and are of course in black and white. It took me a little longer to figure out my color palette. This was a welcomed challenge and it was a great experience working with Suze who I think is a great art director! That goes a long way. I hope to work with her again real soon?

derspiegel_wagner_seiler wagner_coversketch wagnerhead_sketch Bildschirmfoto+2013-03-31+um+20.54.53

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